About Us

The Windsor Farmers Market was started in 2009 through the efforts of Shelly Jarvis.  The location of the town green on State Street was chosen and the date was Sundays.  We had a few vendors who came on a regular basis. 

The second year, we expanded our vendor base and also started accepting Farm to Family Coupons.   We also received a grant to acquire an EBT/Debit card machine.  The market could now allow those on the 3SquaresVT program (SNAP/Foodstamp) to use their card to obtain wooden tokens for purchase of foods from local sources.  The machine also accepts debit cards, so if you're short on cash, have no fear and use your debit card to get some wooden tokens to make your purchases with.

By our fourth year, we added a winter market, so that you, our patrons can continue to get local food and artisinal crafts throughout the whole year.

Our seventh year, 2015, came the customer market survey and as a result, the market was moved to Saturdays.

Each year we grow and strive to do better.  The Board is working hard to make sure that the Market is a vital asset to the community.

Windsor Farmers Market Association By Laws

Updated Bylaws

How to support the Windsor Farmers Market

There are a number of ways to support the Windsor Farmers Market
1.  Join the Board
2.  Volunteer your time at the market

Join the Board

If you have ideas on how best to get the market to continue and grow, consider joining the Board. You don't have to be a vendor to join the Board, just an interest in keeping a farmers market in our area.

Volunteer your time at the market

The market is open to anyone who would like to volunteer at the market.  Stop by or email for more information.